How to Join Vista machine in NT domain

1. SRVMGR.EXE on the PDC and add the computer name of the Vista PC.

2. On Vista PC run, secpol.msc then Under Local Policies > Security Options, Change the following two settings"

- Domain Member: Digitally Encrypt sign secure channel data (always) - change to disabled
- Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level - change to "Send LM and NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negoitated"


Cristian said…
i had the same issue adding 2 laptops to a domain. I had to give up 'cause i couldnt get it to work. I was not aware that you have to change the authentication settings for the NTMLv2 that i have read your post i cant wait to try again. Thanks Ashish

PS c3

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