Ashish's Note

Over the past few years, I learnt a lot and get fond of Microsoft Technlogy. From The basics of Active Directory to the high end troubleshooting and disaster recovery, to the VPN configuration, Its being a good time for me as I got lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

In 2004, I got hired by "Microsoft" as a full time employee in its GTSC located in Bangalore. I experienced hardcore troubleshooting on real time issues as a big challange and very very intersting, which gave me vibrant knowledge of Operating System Troubleshooting, Active Directory, Clustering, Performance, Disks, Terminal Server, Printing, STOP Codes and BSOD screens.

My Fantastic past experience on HP/MSCS cluster, Server Hardware and System Administration, boosted my skills to take charge of customer's problem and make me to deal with the issues till the resolution.

Today working with Perot Systems, I am using this Blog to contribute my knowledge to the society and to make every individual who need directives to grow in IT field.

Lets post your views and questions you have, hit my brain to let it mentor the best possible IT solutions and career options.


Ashish Sharma.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Wintel Infrastructure Transitioning Experience

Although I have done many transitions on Intel and Windows Infrastructures in Domestic Market in India, this time I was a part of a very strong transitioning team to transition an International Infrastructure project.

I was in AZ, USA in last November and stayed there for about a month for knowledge transfer and documentation of the current state of infrastructure and used a sequential process centric transitioning to enable customers to experience the benefit of off-shoring. The new model is going to be a global infrastructure support model and will have presence in Mexico, Romania, USA and India.

That was really a nice experience! Meeting with new people, understanding their views, the different perceptions and ideas on life, profession and technologies was exciting me. Soon I came to know that it is not easy to work with people from different regions of the globe. To understand them, to understand their culture, the behavior, the accent, the professional approach of doing the work came out as a challenge and it was not easy to present yourself and make people understand your own view.

I will talk about my team which I feel is really great, very hard working, very strong set of people, self initiator and I think crazy too... We were working at least sixteen hours a day to cut short the transitioning time. I personally feel that I got to do a lot of important work starting from Inventory, tagging of the servers, collecting information/knowledge and documenting the client's infrastructure to visiting datacenters across three states in US and meeting the current staff.

I made few good friends and visited a colleague’s family which was a good opportunity to understand people from different countries. I had real fun too, visited Disneyland in Anaheim and saw Grand Canyon then enjoyed lot of different varieties of food like, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, American, Italian, Mongolian and Indian too.

Currently I am back to India, training new people from Romania, Mexico and India in the project, those are going to support the Intel and Windows infrastructure and also setting up the support model in India.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Find files with the path, longer then given characters limit

One of my friend ask me to find any tool or script which can list all the files longer then 255 characters under any given path including subdirectory.

Here is the solution and its free :)

Path Scan is a useful software application that will calculate the total path length of your files.
Scan files in directories and get their path length. This is useful to determine failures in particular processes which are limited with path length, like CD/DVD burning Software or File Synchronization. Path Scan is a useful software utility that allows you to easily determine if paths are compatible with a process.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Experience with the Dell Studio Refusbished laptop

During my Visit to US, A good friend of mine helped me to purchased a Dell Studio 1530 Refurbished Laptop and here is my review on it:
Price/Specifications-530$ All inclusive
Memory: 4 Gig
HDD: 350 Gig
Screen: 15.1"
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 2.0 Ghz 800 mhz FSB 2 mb Cache

Buying- The inventory In Dell Outlet is constantly refreshed so finding precisely what you want should not take long. However be sure to fully read each computers description fully as Some are ""Scratch and dent"" Or ""Off lease"" Your best off sticking to factory refurbished. The process is as simple as selecting the system you want adding to cart and Purchasing with a variety of Payment options (I chose to use Paypal). The process is quite simple and fast And if you need to ask any questions Use the live chat on the Dell Main Webpage as it is MUCH faster then telephone support. (Unless it's an inventory question then you have to call).

Shipping- Dell claims most systems Ship Next/Same day from the Outlet. In my case it arrived at my Hotel in just 2 days.

Unboxing- The laptop really..just looked brand BRAND new No scratches no sign of wear...nothing If it was not for the green refurbished sticker on the bottom you would never ever be able to tell this is a refurbised laptop. It was delivered in a plain brown DELL box marked certified refurbished on the side. Inside the Box was a smaller white Box containing all manuals/cords. Below that enclosed in two white styraphome pieces was the actual laptop very well protected.

First Boot up- Everything on the laptop Booted up nicely without issue Very quick No errors no problems what so ever. Screen is immaculate No grainyness No dead pixels.

Gaming- I Don't feel comfortable playing games on Laptops, try a refurbished XBox 360 or PS2 with a big LCD of 42", that will be a good option :)

Build quality- The casing is absolutely same a the new Dell Studio, No difference, I ordered Blue Color, which is my Favorite.

Sound quality - Very Bad, I think speakers are useless in thsi laptop.

Web Cam: Fantastic - It gave me a good experience on Web Chat with my family and other friends during my travel time.

Customer Service - N/A Have not had to contact for this machine

Price - A+ Not many other places will you find machines spec'd this well with these warranties at these prices then Dell outlet.

Condition of Machine- A++ Could not believe it was refurbished! Still amazed.

In short I would highly reccomend those on a budget to consider Dell outlet. You simply can't beat the Price/Performance ratios.