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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

XP installation doesn't recognise Toshiba L40 SATA drive.

Last week my cousin came to me and said that he has problem installing Windows XP on his brand new Toshiba L40 notebook. I noticed that XP doesn't recognises its SATA drive.
And then the project started:

A USB floppy drive will not work in this case as setup doesn't recognise it.

Finally I went for help to my loved one (Internet) and found really nice tool (I got fond of it); NLite which allow you to integrate any external or 3rd party driver to the inbox XP installation suite.

Here are the steps I used:

run nLite, Welcome Screen appear, click Next.

Locating the Windows installation .. insert you original Windows XP Installation CD (which I use OEM version of Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2) to you optical drive, and click Browse.

Pick a location on your harddrive (or make a new folder) to store your Windows XP Installation files befoe making ISO file. Click Next.

Preset. delete all preset (if exist).. click Next

Task Selection, Only select to options, Driver and Bootable ISO, then press Next

Drivers. click Insert, Single Driver, then Choose any INF file... appear, choose iastor.inf from folder where you extract the Intel SATA driver. click Open...

Storage Device Textmode Driver, click on Textmode Driver and, while pressing CTRL button, click all the driver from the list with the word 'mobile' There is 5 of it. Click OK
then click Next

Apply Changes? click Yes. nLite now preparing files to make the bootable ISO image file. When this process is done, press Next.

Bootable ISO, in General, Mode section, choose appopriate format that suite you, either make a CD or ISO image. I suggest you make ISO image.

Create a CD from the ISO, using your favorite ISO software.

download Serial ATA di sini (Intel Matrik Storage Driver)



Pranav said...

Dear Sir,
I have a Dell inspiron 1525 with SATA drive is also givng the same problem while installing Windows XP can i also go with the same solution.
Pranav Vashishtha (#9312707146)

Ashish Sharma said...

yes, you can go for the same solution. you just need to confirm which sata drive is installed in the laptop and then you need to download and integrate the proper driver.